Action Plans

This module provides a list of all Action Plans that were developed during meetings with the dealer network.
It keeps track of what was agreed between dealerships and district managers.
It also monitors progress in real time as dealers complete each task on the Action Plan.

With Ri-Focus, you can browse all reports created after a dealership visit, phone call or email. This helps you and your team stay on top of all interactions and discussions with your dealer network, and helps hold dealers accountable to their commitment to improve performance or address service gaps.

On the Summary page, users can view or create KPIs and Action Items respectively. For district managers who are working remotely, this allows them to enter discussions and confirm initiatives when the meeting is taking place and not having to recall what was discussed after returning to the office. All relevant information will be captured and made accessible in real time.

For the management team, the ability to get a complete view of how the entire dealer network is performing in real time means you do not have to chase reports or wait for your field managers to return with a brief. You will know what actions were discussed and committed, and monitor progress from anywhere in the world.