Contact Report

This module provides a summary of the contact history between the OEM and the entire dealership network. It allows users to create, edit and view contact reports created by district or field managers when they visit a dealership.

You can browse by reports created via visits, phone or emails. This helps you and your team stay on top of all interactions and discussions to help dealers improve their performance. Ri-Focus gives you the ability to see the big picture as it unfolds without the need to chase for reports and data.

The contact report also shows the complete agenda for each meeting and allows users to access all the relevant files and documents attached to each report. Access different agendas for different departments and managers with just the click of a button.

The management team can also easily join in the conversation and provide comments about how field managers help the dealer network to grow their business. It is truly the ultimate collaboration tool.

You can also create new agenda items when necessary, in real time, as the meeting unfolds.