Dealer Network

The Dealer Network module is the backbone of Ri-Focus; it allows users to manage and view the detailed profile and performance of each dealership in the network.

Ri-Focus allows users to customize access and reports based on the organizational structure of the OEM. There is potentially no limit to how you can configure Ri-Focus to fit your unique organization.

The summary list shows the complete contact details of every dealership in your network; the name of the dealership, the address and contact details of key personnel is organized in an easy-to-access manner with the performance indicators relevant to the respective dealership.

In the example screen, dealerships are organized by Region, Weight and Category.

Clicking on the Profile of a dealership brings up all the information specific to the dealership. You can create and share notes, assign tasks, upload files and documents, manage KPIs, contact reports, and action plans from a single location. You can also access customized reports that was created for the network.

The profile also shows

Contact Details of all the Managers and KPIs specific to the dealership:

  • Snapshot of all the activities regarding a specific dealership
  • Create and share notes within the network
  • Create and assign tasks to individuals as well as set reminders for follow ups
  • Upload/Download important documents and files
  • View contact reports created by district managers after visiting dealerships
  • Manage action plans discussed during meetings with dealerships
  • Access reports created for each dealership, or export to PDF
  • Manage all relevant KPIs from a single location