Dealer Performance Groups

A Dealer Performance Group is a valuable practice that many progressive dealer principals use to maintain successful and profitable operations.

The Dealer Performance Group concept began in the late 1950’s when automotive dealerships wanted to compare their operations with other “successful” automotive dealerships. Up to 20 Dealer Principals meet three to four times a year to examine a number of key financial and operating ratios to see how their numbers compare with others from different geographical locations throughout the country.

Comprising of 4 to 20 non-competing dealerships, these groups meet regularly to examine financial results and operations, share problems and solutions in a cooperative environment. Click to find out more.

This module is designed to help Dealer Performance Groups collaborate and communicate with each other between meetings. It is also a repository for the contact information, commitments and objectives, and shared KPIs.

Dealer Performance Group is an excellent way to hold members accountable to their commitment to grow profitability and improve productivity. Sharing best practices and solutions to common problems in a non-competitive environment also helps transfer knowledge among peers.

All group members submit their monthly financials to an independent and confidential data collection centre that converts their financial data to a standardised format. This allows each member to compare their numbers with other members.

These standardised data cover key areas such as

  • Profitability
  • Liquidity
  • Expenses
  • Cash Flow
  • Productivity
  • Departments – New & Used Vehicle Sales, F&I, Parts, and Service