Business & Marketing Plans

Business Plans are long term strategic plans that are supported by Actions Plans to achieve organisational goals. They provide the management team with the big picture about the business, built from day-to-day operational data and information collated across the entire dealership network.

Marketing Plans helps both dealerships and OEMs coordinate marketing effort by collating the A&P commitments that each dealership makes. It provides stakeholders with a clear perspective of the share of voice in respective markets. When correlated to sales KPIs, marketing plans can help address shortfalls or exploit opportunities.

Business Plans

With Ri-Focus, you can view plans that are in progress to provide feedback and comments, or make changes as the business environment changes. You can also review plans that are completed as part of post mortem analysis.

If a Business Plan is confidential or work-in-progress, you can “LOCK” it to prevent access until it is ready to be shared.

The objective of the Business Plan is to allow users to track long-term trends and performance indicators of different departments, and compare them to actual results against the target. Because data is usually collected as part of daily operations, there is no double-handling or need to re-enter information after an event.

Ri-Focus has a wide range of data visualization tools that presents your network’s consolidated results in easy-to-understand charts and reports, removing the need to compile data and generate charts for meetings and presentations. And since these reports are created LIVE, you will always have the latest information and insight at your finger tips.

Marketing Plans

Marketing plans are designed to help OEMs and dealers understand how advertising budgets are expended across various media, models, and markets.

When compared to actual sales results, marketing plans give users valuable insight into the effectiveness of marketing dollar return on investment. It shows where to reduce, and where to increase, marketing effort based on LIVE data.

The monthly summary also provides an overview of the marketing campaigns that were executed each month as well as the budget committed to each activity.

With marketing plans, users may finally know which half of the marketing budget actually works.

The summary also provides quarterly reports that compare marketing spend against dealer funds accrued through wholesale and manufacturer’s contribution. This helps the dealership allocate funds for important events such as new model launch and sales promotions.

Manufacturer can also leave comments and suggestions for each quarter based on the results achieved for a specific period.