Process Audit

This module provides a diagnostic solution that is built on our proprietary survey platform to help dealerships quickly and easily identify performance gaps and improve work processes.

Because most audits are built around tightly scheduled meetings with busy (and defensive) Dealer Principals and Managers, field managers have to constantly deal with objections and arguments over “facts” and performance indicators, making it extremely difficult for them to work productively with the dealerships.

Having to remember all the critical issues to address during the meeting is also a challenge, not to mention the time and effort it takes to prepare agendas, reports and charts while on the run. At the same time, field managers have to report these results back to the management team who are always wondering what the field managers are doing.

The process audit module covers a list of crucial processes and analytics that cover these issues.

SWOT Analysis

This report shows the consolidated results of all process audits conducted for the different departments: Sales, Service, Parts and OHS. It provides a consolidated view of how each dealership’s business, as a whole, is performing. SWOT Analysis shows where each dealership is strong and where it needs improvement as well as opportunities and threats that may be over the horizon.

It is an invaluable tool to help OEMs work with the dealer network to compete effectively.

Sales Audit

Having a robust sales process is part of creating a sustainable and successful business. It drives profitability and improve customer satisfaction and retention. A proven sales sales process is also efficient and helps the sales team work better.

Combining self-assessment, external audits, and KPIs, the Sales Audit module consist of a series of questionnaires to help diagnose potential gaps in the sales process. It compiles the answers to the questions to generate an overview of the dealership’s sales process so that stakeholders can better understand how dealerships conform to best practices and standards.

Dealer Ranking

Dealer Ranking shows how each dealership ranks against the entire group in terms of conformity and best practices. While it is important to know where a dealership stand in comparison, what is more crucial is understanding the reason a dealership is over performing or under performing.

This report also allows OEMs to quickly identify dealerships that are falling behind in terms of best practices and processes put in place for the network since this has a negative impact on delivering a consistent brand experience across the entire group.

Action Calendar

Designed to keep all stakeholders accountable, this report shows the time-critical tasks corresponding to each audit for each dealership.

The calendar filter allows users to sort tasks by Region, Dealership Category, Dealership, and Key Processes (Category). You can even refine the results based on the type of score matrix and range of score for the audit.

Users can click on the event on the calendar to call out details of the task relating to the audit.

Result Analysis

This report consolidates the results of the sales audit and breaks down the results based on key processes. It gives manufacturers an overview of how all the dealership in a specific region, category or location is performing.

Market Research Analysis

This report consolidates the results of market research (such as Customer Satisfaction Surveys) and breaks down the results based on key processes. It gives manufacturers an overview of how all the dealerships in a specific region, category or location is performing.

Performance Matrix

This is a simple 2 X 2 matrix to show where processes fail to meet standards or expectations. It measures how a dealership or group of dealerships perform in processes such as the effective handling of incoming enquiries, the showroom experience, the sales transaction and quality of follow ups.

Users will be able to identify areas of deviation and take important interventions quickly to address service lapse.

Lost Sales Analysis

The Lost Sales Analysis module provides users with the insight to make improvements to the sales process and marketing mix by focusing on prospective customers who came to your showroom but did not buy.

By talking to these prospects, we identify the real reasons and obstacles that prevented them from buying. Our consultants then analyse the feedback to give you a comprehensive report and action plan so you know exactly what to do to improve sales results.

The results is then presented as part of the holistic picture of how each dealership delivers the brand experience.